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Games – Ohio has a very specific service area as established through agreements with other event and tournament organizers. The information on the map is based upon the conventions, leagues (including organizers) and stores registered with this website. As you can see, our service area spans only a few counties and there is a little overlap with the other organizers’ territories. However, we will leave our service area for special events once cleared with the organizer of that territory if we are planning for a game that they also organize. Generally, we must ensure that there is at least two weeks notice before an event and at least 100 miles between event locations if the events are for the same game and occur on the same day. This is done as a means to avoid attendance cannibalism.

Premier Tournament Organizer Territories:
East – 330 Games (Pokemon)
West – Minutemen Gaming & Events / Central Ohio CCG (Pokemon)
South – Professional Event Services (Yu-Gi-Oh)