Event Types

We offer two general event types, however not every game supports them. We can then further divide the event types into activities. You can find a list of the activities on the Hire Us page. All events must be conducted at commercial locations. That means no one’s residence, no matter its size. If the location happens to be an educational institution or a public library rather than a commercial location, the requirements will change slightly.


A few game companies offer a league option. They all generally ask for the same information. An image of the location from outside, an internal image from the door and an image of the register area. They also seek out information on who would be running the league as well as potentially some financial information. A background check of the league leader may also be required.

The Pokemon Company International

  • The company requires that all commercial locations sell their products, provided that they have been purchased directly from one of their official distributors, in order to have a league.


Most of the game companies offer a tournament option. The tournaments typically require that specialty software be utilized. Links to the software can be found on the Event Operations page. Some of the same information asked of League Leaders may also be asked of tournament managers/organizers.