Event Planning Instructions

As a member of Games – Ohio’s staff, we have to plan events in such a way that we do not upset our affiliates, but also to show that we have some level of professionalism. While similar establishments can be grouped together, some have rules that are different from others. Keep in mind that you may need to have multiple event date options available as space may not be available on certain dates at certain venues.


  1. Submit the event when the panel submission period is open.
  2. Once confirmation of scheduling has been made, gather the appropriate staff.
  3. Obtain staff passes prior to participating.


  1. Reserve at least one month in advance of the event date. Write down the name of the store staff member who schedules the event as well as the date that contact was originally made.
  2. Gather the appropriate staff.
  3. Confirm the date no sooner than two weeks before the event.

Marco’s Pizza (Lorain)

  1. Reserve at least one month in advance of the event date. Write down the name of the Marco’s staff member who scheduled the event as well as the day that contact was originally made.
  2. Call the next day, if not contacted by a manager first, after 5 PM ET to confirm the event date.
  3. Gather the appropriate staff.
  4. Confirm the event date within one week before the event.


BushiRoad will provide event support only once per year for a league. They may provide event support for individual conventions. For any support, the event support spreadsheet must be submitted three months prior to the event date.


Konami will provide limited event support for leagues located at educational facilities, such as libraries and schools. They will not provide event support for non-OTS (Official Tournament Stores) at conventions.


  1. Check the Pokemon.Com event calendar to see which events have been scheduled within the preferred time period.
  2. Ensure that the event is not occurring within 100 miles of another similar event occurring at the same time.
  3. Provide at least two weeks advanced public notice of the event.


The game companies require that images of the venue be submitted with the application. It must include the event space, entry area, parking lot and outside signage.