Event Operations

Once an event is ready to begin, there are three operational processes that must be completed. The first is the pre-event, the second is the event itself and the third is the post-event. Players are able to go to our Events page to obtain the necessary information for each event type.


Depending upon the method of registration, there may be a simple sign up sheet or players must complete and submit a registration form. The registration forms are usually either a deck or team list. All other documents and spreadsheets can be found via the menu: Home -> Frequently Asked Questions -> Miscellaneous Files & Links


Every event does not require that we run tournament software. For example, leagues typically just seek to keep attendance. However, for those events that require the use of tournament software, you can find them via the following methods. You may need to be logged into the specific websites to access the files.

As a tournament manager/head judge, because Anthony is typically the only tournament organizer, you should be up to date on all of the rules for whichever game that your event is based upon. If you need a refresher, you can find links for each game on the Miscellaneous Files & Links page.


No matter what, everything must be reported. Games – Ohio wants everyone’s player identifications, names, dates of birth and e-mail addresses submitted to its Google Drive Spreadsheet. Make it clear that the e-mail address request is optional as submitting it would add the player to our monthly e-mail list. The company that the event is sanctioned with will also want some information. Its process for reporting may either be built into the tournament software or via a website.