Event Staff, Management & Planning

Would you like for us to assist you with a special event at your location at a minimal cost to you? Be it a small gathering like a birthday party or at a large social function such as a convention, Games – Ohio can offer a number of trading card and video game activities that can entertain your attendees for many hours. We offer three levels of service. First, you may hire our staff to assist you with your event (Event Staffing). Second, you may hire our staff to manage your event (Event Management). Finally, you may hire our staff to organize and execute your event (Event Planning).

• General Free-Play
• Game-Specific Demo Teams
• Game-Specific League Play*
• Game-Specific Tournaments

Collectible, Trading Card & Video Games:
• Cardfight: Vanguard Trading Card Game
• Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game
• HeroClix Collectible Miniatures Game
• Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game
• Pokemon Trading Card Game^
• Pokemon Video Games (3DS, Wii U & Switch)
• Nintendo Switch: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Super Smash Brothers
• Nintendo Wii: Mario Kart Wii & Super Smash Brothers Brawl
• Nintendo Wii U: Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Brothers (Also 3DS)
• Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game^

It is more or less controlled chaos in a casual play setting. Our staff watches the room, assists attendees who need rulings and if there is enough interest, organize some formal game play.

Demo Teams:
Demo Teams are the best way to introduce a new game to a group of people. A Demo Team is typically made of two individuals who have an assortment of trading card game decks on hand. The Demo Team members may play a game to show potential new attendees how the game flows. The Demo Team will typically allow attendees to choose a deck and through typical play, teach the attendees the game fundamentals. If you simply seek a single individual to be on hand to provide general game help or tutorials on game play, we can also provide that.

League Play:
League Play is an opportunity provided by the manufacturers of a game to engage attendees in organized play through specific prearranged activities. As attendees meet specific goals, they are awarded promotional items. Only those games marked with an asterix (*) above are eligible.

Tournaments are a means to organize a number of people in an effort to both encourage competitive play and to rank one’s level of skill. The number of attendees that our tournaments can support varies based upon the game and venue. A tournament with 32 attendees can last up to four hours. For larger events, we encourage adding at least 30 minutes prior to the tournament’s start for attendee registration.

To legitimize the game play and to be eligible to receive additional promotional materials and/or advertising from a game’s manufacturer, the option to sanction is available with games marked above with a carrot (^). Sanctioning also allows attendees new to a game the option to become a member of the manufacturer’s game network. Thus, this makes new attendees eligible for additional support through the manufacturer. However, if a game is sanctioned, new attendees do not have the option to opt out of becoming a member to the manufacturer’s game network. If you are interested in sanctioning any of the games, please signify that in the details section of the submission form.

Prize Support & Vending:
We can only provide prize support if we are permitted to be a vendor. Otherwise, it is up to you to decide if there will be prize support or to provide it yourself. We earn back some of our costs when we are permitted to be a vendor. We mainly sell official merchandise related to the games that we offer and at fair market prices.

Event Staffing – Small Scale (Residential):
Our costs for small-scale events is rather straight forward because they are usually not offset by sales or any other exceptions. In these cases, we must pay our staff a competitive hourly wage. At minimum, we employ one staff member for every eight estimated attendees.

Event Staffing – Large Scale (Commercial):
While we do appreciate being paid cash for our work, our previous experiences with large-scale events seem to instead be offset with free entry to the event, merchandise, official swag and t-shirts. If these opportunities are not available to us, we are open to negotiating other terms.

Event Management:
All of our eligible staff are officially certified with the games that they manage, if applicable. In addition, we are capable of officially sanctioning a few of our activities with their respective companies so that attendees may earn player perks. Plus, our management team holds a number of business and public management degrees with experience in their particular fields.

Event Planning:
When we organize our own events, we often require that participants pay a fee for admission. This fee may vary based upon venue. To cover our costs, we take between 10 and 20 percent of the total fees collected from participants. The remaining percentage is split between prize support and the venue, if applicable.

Preferences & Requirements:
There are some things that we would prefer to have and others that we would require when running an event at your location:
• The room should be set up banquet style, with rectangular tables setup where players simply need to turn their heads to see the staff.
• A monitor, television or projector would be useful so that we may display pairings and a countdown clock. A HDMI or RGB connection would then be required.
• A public announcement system is most useful when other activities will be occurring in the same space.
• If we are running a non-video gaming event, attendees should have either a related deck or team for the event. If they have a large collection of cards or miniatures and need help making a deck or a team, we can help them.
• If we are running a video gaming event, attendees should have either a related controller or handheld device and game for the event.
• If we are running an event that requires the use of one of our video game consoles, we will require a monitor, television or projector for each video game console being used. An audio/video (AV), component or HDMI connection would then be required.
• We would prefer Internet access and will require electricity. If we are charged for Internet access or electricity, we will pass that charge on to you.

If absolutely necessary, we can provide a small display and public announcement system at no additional charge. We will bring our own computers and video game consoles with games.

Travel & Lodging:
We are based out of Lorain, Ohio (44055). We charge five (5) dollars for every 35 miles that we have to travel. We will not travel more than 105 miles away for a single-day event. That is 210 miles round-trip. We will travel more than 105 miles if lodging is provided. Our average staff size is four people and we are able to utilize a single room with two double-beds. If we have more than four staff, but no more than eight, we typically share a single room in shifts.

Turnpike & Parking:
We will take the shortest route possible to your location and park as inexpensively as we can. This means that any turnpike and parking fees will be charged to you. However, we do plan our routes and parking very carefully as to avoid as many fees as possible.

How to get us to help you for free?:
Generally, if the event is under 35 miles away and we do not need to pay for the turnpike, parking, power or Internet access, we can work with you at no additional cost provided that we can also be a vendor . If the event is for a non-profit, that will carry a little weight towards our flexibility.

Feel free to contact us to discuss what you would like for us to do for you. We are open to negotiating other terms.