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These fine people dedicate their time to keeping this website and its network functioning.

Position: Chief Operations Officer
Name: Anthony R. Haslage

Position: North-Central Ohio Pokemon Organizer
Name: Jimmy Gurney

These fine people dedicate their time to creating and supporting games.

Game: QuizZing
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Name: Christopher A. Haslage

These fine people dedicate their time to organizing and/or staffing gaming leagues.

League: 330 Games
Position: Leader & Professor (PTO)
Name: AJ Schumacher

League: Kidforce Collectibles
Position: Leader & Professor
Name: Daniel Polo

League: McDonalds: North Royalton
Position: Leader & Professor
Name: Matt Nawal

League: Minutemen Gaming & Events
Position: Leader & Professor (PTO)
Name: Ryan Patterson

League: Northeast Ohio TCG Players
Position: Tournament Organizer
Name: Denzel Perry

League: Ohio Cardfighters
Position: Leader
Name: Nicholas Brandt

These fine people dedicate their time to owning and/or staffing game stores.

Store: Comics Are Go
Position: Owner
Name: Eric Anderson

Store: Full Grip Games
Position: Owner
Name: Jameson Reeves

Store: Ground Zero Comics & Cards
Position: Owner
Name: Markus Benn

Store: Immortals Inc.
Position: Manager
Name: Josh Stollings

Store: In The Zone Cards & Games
Position: Owner
Name: Chris Panzone

Store: Kidforce Collectibles
Position: Owner
Name: Joe Kiskis

Store: Level Two Games
Position: Owner
Name: Jeffrey Dickson

Store: No Limit Gaming
Position: Organizer
Name: Tim Hebert

Store: Recess
Position: Owner
Name: James Grasso

Store: Rockin’ Rooster Comics & Games
Position: Owner
Name: Rick Brooks

Store: The Hero Zone
Position: Owner
Name: Matt Morgan

Store: The POP! Shop
Position: Owner
Name: David Baum

Store: The Shop, Game Shop
Position: Owner
Name: Paul Radocy

Store: WarHost Games
Position: Co-Owner
Name: Tim Connors

These fine people dedicate their time to organizing and staffing conventions and events.

Convention: Second Life Science Fiction Convention
Position: Communications

Convention: Wizard World Comic Con
Position: Programming

These fine people dedicate their time to organizing and staffing gaming events and are a part of the Games – Ohio Network.

Affiliate: Dice Squad
Position: Co-Owner
Name: Marshall Dice

Affiliate: The NCG: Cleveland
Position: Administrator
Name: Chris Blatnick

Affiliate: Ultimate Team-Up
Position: Owner
Name: Gerald King III