Pokemon GO – Ohio Map

If you live in Ohio and want to help us map where Pokemon, PokeStops and Gyms can be found, now you can by submitting them below the map. Only submit locations where you have found Pokemon, PokeStops and Gyms, assuming that no one else has also submitted the same things in the same place. Some Pokemon, such as Pidgeys, Rattatas and Weedles are everywhere and do not need to be listed at all.

If the map does not load, click here. Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

If you have a bunch of Pokemon, PokeStops and Gyms to submit and would rather add them to the map yourself, follow the instructions below. In areas with a large quantity of Pokemon, PokeStops and Gyms, only place one marker. We can group them together as clusters as long as you list them individually in the description.

How to add custom icons:
– Start by going to Google Maps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NR0XKKuYzN4bgjj5LjYoi_jANPY&usp=sharing
– Place a marker on the map to where you have found a Pokemon, PokeStops and/or Gyms. You will need to zoom in to be as precise as possible.
— By default, the marker should appear in the “New Submissions Queue” layer of the map. A staff member will move it to a more appropriate layer later. If the marker appears elsewhere, simply drag it into the queue layer.
– Follow the “Custom Icon Instructions” below on how to make a marker look like a Pokemon, PokeStop, Gym or PokeStop-Gym.
— Custom Icon Instructions: https://support.google.com/mymaps/answer/3438557
— Pokemon Marker Icons: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0H53HkH1J8rY205NXRPY0lZX0E&usp=sharing
– Rename the Pokemon marker and in the description, include the time of day (Morning [6a-12p], Afternoon [12-6p], Evening [6p-12a] & Late Night [12-6a]) and the specific hour when the Pokemon was found. If the Pokemon was found in a Nest, instead state that as it is a 24-hour occurrence.
– Rename the PokeStop and/or Gym marker according to the landmark where it was found. Areas with both a PokeStop and Gym can use the PokeStop-Gym icon as means to cluster them together and be named “PokeStop/Gym”.
— If there is more than one PokeStop and/or Gym, then simply add the “(Multiple)” tag after the name and add a count of how many PokeStops and/or Gyms in the description.

If you want to save the entire map, click the vertical ellipsis to the right of the map’s name and then click “Export to KML” to save it onto your computer.

NOTE: Unless you want people to visit you, do not submit markers that are placed around your home.