Pokemon Video Game – Single Day

Welcome to the Pokemon Video Games Online webpage. Thanks to the fine people at The Pokemon Company International [TPCi], we have obtained the rights to provide officially sanctioned Pokemon game tournaments via the Internet. However, there are some limitations that the Pokemon people have placed upon us to allow us to do this.

The following sections are a number of steps for registering and participating in a tournament. Keep in mind that these rules may be adjusted for sponsored events. Those adjustments would be found on the sponsor’s website. Otherwise, what is not mentioned on a sponsor’s website or the tournament page that is found here remains the same.

Requirements from TPCi:

  • All tournaments must have “Online” in its name when sanctioned.
  • All tournaments must be based upon the current standard rule set.
  • Players must be at least 16 years of age as of this year to participate (Masters Division).
  • Players must have a Pokemon Organized Play [POP] identification number (A POP ID number can be issued to new players. It is also referred to simply as a player ID).

All online tournaments must have “Online” in its name when created as a means to not confuse players between what is an online tournament and what is not.

Tournament Registration:
If you do not sign up on Pokemon.Com (Step One) and the Online Registration page (Step Two), you will be removed from the tournament. We need matching POP IDs to confirm a legitimate entry. Entry is first come, first served as some tournaments may only allow for a maximum number of participants to register.

– Step One (1) –
Visit Pokemon.Com and sign up, if you do not already have an account.

– Step Two (2) –
Visit The Online Registration page of Games – Ohio to submit your information. You will need to submit your POP ID, First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. You will only need to provide your e-mail address if you want to join the Games – Ohio mail list. Future event details will be included in the monthly newsletter.

For Pokemon video game tournaments, the registration form will ask you for information about your Pokemon team. This may include the Pokemon’s name, nickname, held item, level, ability, nature, moves/power points and/or statistics (HP, ATK, DEF, SATK, SDEF & SPD).

If you do not have a POP ID and have requested that one be issued to you when registering, you will receive the identification number via the Chat Room Private Messenger with a pin after the tournament has begun. The amount of POP IDs available to us are limited. We cannot give them out to players who may drop before the tournament begins. It wastes them for those that may need them as we cannot report the tournament with players without POP IDs.

You will be expected to log in to your Pokemon.Com account and add your POP ID number via your profile. To add your POP ID number to your account, click the menu tab on the left side of your screen. Then, click “View Your Profile” and after that go to your “Play! Pokemon Settings”. In addition to getting a player point, it also enables TPCi to track our results.

– Step Three (3) –
If the tournament requires that you pay an entry fee, order it via our Shop. Add the item to your cart, view the cart and checkout. Follow the instructions until the transaction has been completed.

Now it is time to wait patiently for the pairings to be finalized and the tournament to begin. While you are waiting, you may feel free to like the Games – Ohio Facebook page so that you can receive details about future events. You may also find the Events page for the tournament and join it. That way you can invite friends to join. Just keep in mind that all tournament discussions will be held via the Chat Room.

– Step Four (4) –
Visit the Live Events – Online page. From there you can log into the Chat Room as well as view the live video feed pertaining to the event. The Live Events – Online page can be found in the menu: Events -> Live Events – Online

For simplicity, as your real name will be used, it is recommended to set your nickname as your FIRSTNAME_LAST-INITIAL in the Chat Room. Once in the Chat Room, you can type, “/nick FIRSTNAME_LAST-INITIAL” to change your nickname.

To send a Private Message via the Chat Room, double-click the name of the player in the user list pane to open a Private Message window.

If you have your own IRC client that you would prefer to use to connect to the HNE Chat Room, the following is the connection information.
Server: irc.foonetic.net
Port: 6667
Channel: #HNE

– Step Five (5) –
Once the brackets are paired, you then must use the Chat Room to exchange connection information with your opponent(s). Players have a set amount of time to respond to their opponent(s), meet, battle and report the results to the administrator. If by the end of the round your opponent(s) has not contacted you or the battle never occurred, see “Issuing a complaint”.

Your connection information will be different depending upon the console and/or game type. For the video games based upon the Nintendo 2DS/3DS, players must exchange a system-specific friend code. Please consult the console’s and/or game’s official website for details about obtaining your connection information.

Random team checks will be conducted in between rounds via the viewing of battle videos. Each player is expect to save each battle video until the end of the tournament. Any players chosen to share their battle video will be contacted via private message by a member of the tournament staff who will then ask them for their battle video’s code.

To find your battle video’s code, connect to the Internet. Then, go into your game’s bag and use the key item known as the Vs. Recorder. Once you have found the video, if you place the cursor upon it and no code is displayed at the top of the screen, you will need to click on the video to make it public. After the battle video is public, the code (EX: WF3W-WWWW-WWW5-VAT2) will appear. When 24 hours has passed, you can remove the battle video from the public by clicking on its icon and then the down arrow.

– Step Six (6) –
Once you report your final round’s results, you may return to your regularly scheduled life. Only one can be the tournament champion!

If you have any questions, ask the administrator and/or event staff via either the Chat Room or Forums. You may also contact us via the contact form on the website.

Check out the Events page for more information!

Why can only players in the Masters Division participate in online events?
TPCi feels that the online environment is too unpredictable for children to participate in these types of events. While we do try our best to control the content of our events, we cannot control the actions and behaviors of those that participate. Thus, by not permitting Junior and Senior Division players from participating in these events, we reduce both our and TPCi’s liability when it comes to the possible corruption of minors.