OCS Store Information

Downloads (OCS Access Only):
Pokemon League/OCS Flyer (111917) – These flyers are for promoting the league days for all of the stores in the OCS.
Pokemon Event/Tournament Registration Quarter-Sheet – These are primarily used for Pokemon events where a deck list is not necessary.
Registration Form – League – These forms are primarily used for the Pokemon Leagues. Pokemon players only need to sign in once each month and will receive one promotional card for each week that they participate.
Registration Form – Tournament – Similar to the League form, this form is used for confirming player identification numbers during tournaments.

Hobby Shop Eligibility:
Another reason that the OCS exists is to help small hobby shops in competing with the larger hobby shops and big chain stores. There are a few requirements for hobby shops to become part of the OCS and they primarily exist to help promote events. To become part of the OCS, a hobby shop must…
• Be located within the North-Central Ohio Pokemon District
• Not be part of a larger corporation, such as being a franchise
• Not engage in organizing events outside of Ohio
• Be willing to adjust your event schedule to not conflict with other nearby OCS hobby shops
• Be willing to provide one of our organizers with Leader access to your League page(s)
• Be willing to provide one of our organizers with Editor access to your Facebook page(s)
• Receive an invite from the OCS organizer once it is confirmed that the aforementioned requirements are met

How Activity & Event Promotions Work:
Remember when we asked for access to your Facebook page and game League? Well, we will be creating events via both platforms and cross-promote those events with our social media. For example, if you are hosting a Pokemon League, we will not only update your League calendar, we will create an event post on Facebook for it and then link it to our Facebook groups to appear in all of the main feeds. In addition, our social media is linked, so a post on Facebook also posts to Twitter. Let us also not forget posts to our monthly newsletter and website.

Special Event Organizing:
While these events will not count towards OCS rankings, it will provide us an opportunity to plan a marathon week where each player can go day-to-day engaging in these competitive events at each hobby shop.
• League Challenge tournaments will cost $5 USD to enter, the rules will be of the Standard Format, the rounds will be 30-minute Swiss and consist of single games with plus three (3) turns that will not require a deck list to be submitted. However, random deck checks will be performed and any violations will receive a stricter penalty than other tournaments. The format may be changed with advanced notice.

Player Identifications:
Players that register to participate in the OCS will be issued a player identification number. Thanks to Jeff from Level Two Games, there will be a database that will be able to take the information from Challonge and import it into a spreadsheet assigning the aforementioned player identification numbers. This will allow for the player data to be combined for submissions of the same name and make it easier to compile the rankings. We MAY make it possible for players to receive their player identification numbers, but as of right now the hobby shops do not need to worry about them.

Challonge Event Setup:
• Go to the “Ohio Circuit Series” Challonge page.
• Click on “New Tournament”.
• Host: “Ohio Circuit Series”
• Tournament Name: “SHOP: GAME FORMAT (DIVISION)”
  • For example: “WarHost Games: Pokemon Standard (MA)”
  • For example: “010118PKMN”
• Description: You can skip this.
• The Game name is obvious.
• Type: Single Stage Tournament
• Format: Swiss
  • Points per match win: 3
  • Points per match tie: 1
  • Points per game/set win: 0
  • Points per game/set tie: 0
  • Points per bye: 2
• Registration: Provide a list of participants
• Participants: You can skip this.
• Start Time: You can skip this.
• Advanced Options, Expand to continue.
• Bracket tab, in order select “Hide the seed numbers” & “Quick advance – report winners only, not scores”
• Tie Breaks tab, in order select “Median-Buchholz System”, “Game/Set Win %” & “Win VS Tied Participants”
• Click on “Save and Continue”.
• Players can be added via the “Participants” tab on the tournament page.
• The tournament can be started via “Start Tournament” button on the tournament “Bracket” tab on the tournament page.

Tournament Operations:
A tournament can be held via Challonge with as few as four players. Separate brackets based on age division can also be created if a minimum of four players are in each bracket. Typically, for each player that participates in a tournament, the entry fee is collected and then split among the top 30 percent of the players as prize support. If a bracket is composed of both adults as well as children under the age of 15 years, the children that do not earn prize support should receive a booster pack. The cost of the booster packs set aside for the children should be deducted from the total prize support.

Tournament Payout Scenarios:
• 4 Players – Top 1
• 6 Players – Top 2
• 8 Players – Top 3
• 16 Players – Top 5
• 24 Players – Top 8
• 32 Players – Top 12