Pokemon TCG Online Tournament

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(Upcoming: To be determined!)

The Pokemon TCG Online Tournaments hosts up to 64 players to determine the top player of the week. There is a minimal entry fee that will be utilized to pay for the prize support (80%), financial transaction fees (5%) and the organizer (15%).

Prize support is provided by:
Kidforce Collectibles (Berea) [In-Store Only]
Level Two Games (Avon) [In-Store Only]
The Hero Zone/The POP Shop (Sandusky) [In-Store Only]
Warhost Games (Avon Lake) [In-Store & Online]
GameStop (Everywhere) [In-Store & Online]

Tournament Details:
Organizer – Anthony Haslage
Entry Fee – $5 USD
Schedule – Click Here
Registration – Click Here
Bracket – Click Here
Facebook – Click Here

Estimated Tournament Payout:
Store credit issued based upon 64 players registered and paid.
1st Place – $50 USD
2nd Place – $40 USD
3rd Place – $35 USD
4th Place – $30 USD
5th Place – $25 USD
6th Place – $20 USD
7th Place – $15 USD
8th Place – $10 USD
9th Place – $10 USD
10th Place – $10 USD
11th Place – $5 USD
12th Place – $5 USD

Each round begins and ends within one hour. All matches must be reported or contact made with the Tournament Organizer by the round deadline, else both players will be disqualified.
Registration – Opens after the previous tournament has ended and closes prior to the start of round 1.
Round 1 – 4 – 5 PM ET
Round 2 – 5 – 6 PM ET
Round 3 – 6 – 7 PM ET
Round 4 – 7 – 8 PM ET
Round 5 – 8 – 9 PM ET
Round 6 – 9 – 10 PM ET

• Registration will always be conducted during the week prior to the start of the first round.
• Entry into the tournament will be first come, first served.
• All matches will be conducted using the official Pokemon Trading Card Game Online software at Pokemon.Com.
• All decks must be built under the Standard Format. The software will inform you if your deck is out of format.
• Each tournament will have six Swiss rounds that each last one hour.
• Each match will be best-of-three games, thus whomever wins two games will win the match.
• In between matches, the player that lost the previous game will be able to choose if they will play first in the next game.
• Players may decide to intentionally draw, also known as splitting.
• As there is no way for anyone to actually check a player’s deck. Thus, players may change their deck between rounds, but never during a match.
• Since Games – Ohio and its affiliated stores are based in North-Central Ohio, it is strongly recommended that players also reside in the North American Eastern Time Zone. If a player is unable to accurately keep track of time due to being in another time zone, they should reconsider participating.

Registering for this tournament is a multi-step, multi-website process. For every registration form submitted, there must be a matching payment and visa versa. Thus, only those who complete the entire process may participate.
Step 1 – Pay here!
Step 2 – Register for an account or Login to your account at Challonge.
Step 3 – Complete the registration form at Google Drive.

Match Procedures:
Due to the inconsistent nature of tournament advancement, even if all of the matches in a round are reported early, we must keep to the schedule. While you may challenge your next round opponent if the brackets are paired earlier than expected, the round deadlines still apply.
Pairings – All pairings will be posted on Challonge. Players have the option of enabling in their Settings if they will be informed when pairings go live as well as the progression of each round.
Opponent Contact – Once the pairings are up, players are encouraged to Contact their opponent via Challonge to arrange to play their match. If by 45 minutes after the round has begun an opponent does not respond, screen capture the image of the conversation and upload it to the Internet. Then, send a message to the Tournament Organizer with the image attached so that they may issue a ruling.
Tardiness – A player may be up to 15 minutes late for a match. Afterwards, the opponent may report them as a “No-Show” by screen capturing the image of the conversation and upload it to the Internet. Then, send a message to the Tournament Organizer with the image attached so that they may issue a ruling.
Disconnections – If a player disconnects from the game, unable to quickly reconnect, and causes the game to prematurely end with the opponent’s win, it will be up to the opponent to decide to forgive the disconnect or take a game win. In the case of a crash where neither player wins, as long as the players are actively communicating, the game may be restarted.
Mutual Issues – If a match cannot be completed because of mutual scheduling or software issues and both players can agree, an Intentional Draw can be issued.
Match Reporting – The winner of each match must accurately report the results to the bracket. To report, click on the match pairing and select the winner. Any errors must be reported to the Tournament Organizer by the end of the round.
Dropping – If at any time a player feels that they need to drop, they may by sending a message to the Tournament Organizer.
Discussions – All tournament related discussions will be contained within “Discussion” tab of the bracket on Challonge.
Match Recording – Matches may be live-streamed, recorded or screen captured, but only with the approval of both players. Some players may not want their decks to become public knowledge.

Cautions – While these tournaments are not sanctioned by The Pokemon Company International (TPCi), thus not offering championship or play points, we strive to hold up the principles of the Professor Program and will provide cautions to correct minor player mistakes prior to escalating it to a higher level violation.
Warnings – REMEMBER to communicate with your opponents, appear on time to play your matches and make sure that your matches are reported. A second warning will mean disqualification.
Bans – Players can be banned if they rack up multiple disqualifications over a quarter-year. They can also be banned for breaking any local, state and/or federal laws as well as for unsportsmanlike-like conduct, conspiring to cheat, blatantly cheating, complete disregard for the rules and/or ignoring any multitude of instructions written on this page.

Payout Scenarios:
It may take up to 14 days for store credit to be issued to players at the selected hobby shops. The lowest payout will always be five dollars.
4 Players – Top 1
6 Players – Top 2
8 Players – Top 3
16 Players – Top 5
24 Players – Top 6
32 Players – Top 8
40 Players – Top 9
48 Players – Top 10
56 Players – Top 11
64 Players – Top 12

Legal Notice:
We cannot offer refunds, except in cases where an event does not launch. “Ohio permits participant wagers on the outcome of a game of skill. Creative contests, wagers on video game competitions and chess tournaments all fall under this category. For example, in a chess tournament a chess player could bet money against his opponent that he will win. A spectator of the chess game could not wager on the outcome because the spectator is not controlling the outcome of the game.” – http://ohiogaming.keglerbrown.com/?page_id=2177#tab-1-3