eSports Teams

Games – Ohio (GO) has hosted, managed and sponsored eSports teams since 2012. GO encourages player growth by organizing its own events in an effort to bring competition to its teams. As some players grow in ability and skill, they may have the chance to move up to a higher level of professional gaming, be it with a team or on their own. GO also assists its teams by negotiating short and long-term sponsorship as a means of offsetting the players’ personal financial obligation. Participating in eSports is primarily done for the love of a game and we do not want it to feel any less fun.

We consider ourselves to be an incubator for eSports talent. Over Haslage Net Enterprises’ (owners of Games – Ohio) many years of providing gaming opportunities to the public, we have been privileged to work with past state, regional, national and world champions in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon Video Games and the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. We strive to keep up the tradition of bringing top players to the eSports arena.

If your company is interested in sponsoring one of our teams, feel free to contact us.