Games – Ohio Merging into HNE

Over the course of the spring and summer of 2016, Games – Ohio (GO) will be merging with Haslage.Net (HNE). Over the last year, GO has been seeing a 50 percent rate of failure for its activities and events. As a result, GO will be switching to an upon request service while downsizing much of its promotional opportunities for affiliates and network members. In addition, its domain ( will expire and its HNE sub-domain ( will be put into use. This also means that all of the GO e-mail addresses will stop functioning as well.

You can read more by clicking the following link:


We are now open for business!

It is official, you can now register for an account and partake in what our website has to offer. If you have any questions, utilize the Contact Us page via the menu: Corporation -> About Us -> Contact Us

Promote your Convention/League/Store with GO!

Do want to promote your Ohio-based convention, league or store (hobby-related)? Games – Ohio is a good place to promote it. GO lists basic information about your location as well as links to your social media and website. Your listing is accessible from every page of the website and if you support multiple games, we mention that. If you have multiple locations, list them as we can create a compound entry.

Current Date:
Your Full Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Your Business Name:
Your Business Title:
Your Business Zip Code:

Site Type: Convention, League or Store
Site Name:
Site Website:
Site Facebook:
Site Twitter:
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Site Image URL (400 by 200 pixels or larger):
Site Description (Public Contact Info. & Etc…):
Supported Categories/Games (TCG: MTG, VG: Pokemon & Etc…):

Submit your site by responding to this post, contacting us or via the form on the website. If you do not have an image or the ability to adjust your current image size, we make an image for you. If you ever need to make an update, simply contact us or submit it via the form on the website.

Live Events – Online

We are attempting to duplicate events that occur at a physical location. If you do not sign up on the Online Registration page on Games – Ohio (Step One) and/or Challonge.Com (Step Two) and are not logged into the Chat Room (Step Three) by the start of the event, you will be removed from the event.

– Optional –
Consider registering to this website if you do not already have an account. Players may use the Forums for external player contact and discussion. Registering to this website allows us to match Usernames on the Online Registration page and/or Challonge.Com to confirm identities. The Private Messenger can be found in the menu: Home -> Members -> Messages

– Step One (1) –
Visit the Online Registration page of Games – Ohio to submit your information. The Online Registration page will ask you to submit your Player ID (if applicable), First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and website Username. You will only need to provide your e-mail address if you want to join the Games – Ohio mail list. Future event details will be included in the monthly newsletter.

If you do not see a registration form for the event on the Online Registration page, skip to Step Two.

– Step Two (2) –
If applicable, Challonge.Com ( will require the creation of an account and the joining of the event. To join an event, simply click on its link and on its page there will be an option to join.

– Step Three (3) –
Visit the Live Events – Online page. From there you can log into the Chat Room as well as view the live video feed pertaining to the event. The Live Events – Online page can be found in the menu: Events -> Live Events – Online

For simplicity, as your real name will be used, it is recommended to set your nickname as your FIRSTNAME_LAST-INITIAL in the Chat Room. Once in the Chat Room, you can type, “/nick FIRSTNAME_LAST_INITIAL” to change your nickname.

To send a Private Message via the Chat Room, click the name of the player in the users list to open a Private Message window.

If you have your own IRC client that you would prefer to use to connect to the HNE Chat Room, the following is the connection information.
Port: 6667
Channel: #HNE

– Step Four (4) –
If the event requires that you pay an entry fee, go to the Shop via the menu and select an event ticket. Add the item to your cart, view the cart and checkout. Follow the instructions until the transaction has been completed.

Now it is time to wait patiently for the event to begin. Keep in mind that all event discussions will be held via the Chat Room and Forums. If it is being utilized for bracket purposes, Challonge.Com does have a Private Message system. However, there is an option that must be enabled in the settings before users are informed by e-mail that they have received a message. Many never enable that option.

While you are waiting, you may feel free to like the Games – Ohio Facebook ( page so that you can receive details about future events. You may also find the Events ( page for the event and join it. That way you can invite friends to join.

– Step Five (5) –
Once the event begins, you must use the Chat Room to exchange connection information with your opponent(s) and arrange to meet. Players have a set amount of time to respond to their opponent(s) and meet. Double-clicking the name of the user in the chat room user list pane will open a private chat window.

When not using Challonge.Com, remember to report all match results to the administrator. On Challonge.Com, matching reports made directly to the system will auto-advance the brackets. If your bracket does not auto-advance, do not challenge your next round opponent(s) until the scheduled period, unless otherwise specified. Mismatched reports will force administrative interference and may delay the event, especially if players proceed ahead of the round officially beginning.

– Step Six (6) –
Once you report your final results, you may return to your regularly scheduled life. However, if there is any prize support, you may want to stick around to see if you have won anything.

If you find that at any point you need help understanding the game’s rules or how to connect to other players, visit the Event Instructions page of Games – Ohio. Keep in mind that the content on the Event Instructions pages are specifically related to each game and are subject to change for Live Events – Online. The Event Instructions page can be found in the menu: Events -> Event Instructions

If you have any questions, ask the administrator and/or event staff via either the Chat Room or Forums. You may also contact us via the contact form on the website.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Token Tributing

This is straight from a few officially sanctioned YGO judges:

T.F.: They can be tributed, unless the card that made them says they can’t.

F.I.: But they cannot, under any circumstance, be used as Xyz materials. The reasoning is that, while they ARE monsters, the Xyz summons require actual CARDS. Tokens, even Token cards are temporary markers that represent a monster card. While they do count as monsters on the field, Xyz Materials are not counted as being on the field. As such, if you Xyz summon with tokens, they just go away, since tokens cannot exist anywhere else EXCEPT the field.

C.S.: Right, so you can’t use like, for instance, Battle Waltz on a level 8 Synchro and bring out two level 8 Tokens and Xyz summon monsters like Thunder End Dragon, or using Scapegoat or Multiply. I wasn’t sure how that worked, makes sense though, as they technically are not monsters.

N.G.: They can’t be used as materials because they cannot exist anywhere except on the field. Placing them under an Xyz would cause them to exist “off the field” which would go against game mechanics. Trap monsters though, may be used as materials as they are physical cards with a determined level.

Disclaimer: Due to the private location of the discussion where the judges meet, I cannot share their names.