South Lorain Card Players Association


Welcome to the South Lorain Card Players Association. We are an officially sanctioned league and tournament organizer with a number of game companies. The idea is to keep everything family-friendly and fun while still allowing our for-profit hosts the opportunity to financially benefit from hosting us. With that said, the SLCPA is the official league of Games – Ohio. SLCPA’s league activities are promoted as part of Games – Ohio’s events. Check out the event schedule to see what we have coming up.

ORGANIZED PLAY – We offer a number of organized play activities each month. In addition to the free leagues, we also offer tournaments that may have an entry fee to be ran as part of another activity or on its own. The entry fee may either provide the player with a pack of cards and add the remainder added to the prize pool or the entire amount will be added to the prize pool. Paid tournaments have swiss rounds, while free tournaments can have either single elimination, double elimination or swiss rounds. Tournaments take an average of three hours to complete. We also encourage the play of the Pokemon video games based on the Nintendo DS/2DS/3DS as there are now Pokemon League components for the handheld games. All of the rules that we will be following will be the latest official versions for their respective games, unless otherwise indicated.

ATTENTION NEW PLAYERS – If you have never played any of the trading card games that we support and wish to participate in organized play, please visit your local department or hobby store to acquire an official “demo”, “starter” or “structure” deck. While we can assist you in learning to play and help you modify a deck, we cannot give away cards to help make decks. If you have been buying booster card packs, but still no decks, we can try our best to work with you. However, beginning with a deck and incorporating booster card packs into that deck ends up producing the best results. New players without an official game identification card will be issued one for those games that have them available.

SCHEDULE CHANGES & SEVERE WEATHER CANCELLATIONS – Check out our social media for the latest updates.

To see the upcoming league dates and locations, click on the league logo(s) below.

As of right now, the SLCPA is not running a league. In the meantime, check out the Leagues and Stores in GO’s Affiliates section to find local leagues and weekly events.

The original SLCPA Leagues, now defunct:
Lorain Public Library: South Branch
Lorain County Community College: Anime Society
Midway League > Ctrl Alt Elite Gaming
Ctrl Alt Elite Gaming > Warhost Games