Games – Ohio Newsletter: August 2018

Hey all,

If you are active in any trading card games, you may know that it is championship series season. So things are slowing down a bit as people experience championship burnout. Otherwise, I am still waiting on Official Tournament Store status from Konami and Pokemon has yet to allow sanctioning for Premier Challenges for the Autumn 2018 season. Right now, short of an occasional non-hobby shop event, I am keeping everything that I am doing to the local area. Thus, I do not have much going on this month. If you run a north-central Ohio hobby shop and wish to hold a Pokemon event, contact Jimmy Gurney.

Starting this month, Comics Are Go (Sheffield Village), Level Two Games (Avon) and Warhost Games (Avon Lake) are teaming up to cross-promote a game that each store only offers.

HeroClix: Saturdays @ 1 PM
Comics Are Go (5188 Detroit Road, Sheffield Village, OH 44035)

Pokemon: Tuesdays @ 6 PM
Level Two Games (37319 Detroit Road, Avon, OH 44011)

Dragon Ball Super: Saturdays @ 2 PM
Warhost Games (32848 Walker Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012)

Right now, on Tuesdays from 6 to 9 PM, you can find me at Level Two Games in Avon. We have FREE CardFight: Vanguard, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh leagues. If we have enough players, we can swing into a tournament. I am looking for something to fill Thursdays at Level Two Games starting in September, other than the new Transformers Trading Card Game, which is already planned. Maybe video game related or live streaming? Have ideas, let me know via Games – Ohio’s Facebook page (

Upcoming Events:

CardFight: Vanguard Shop Tournament (August 2018)
COST: $5 USD | REG: 6 PM | START: 6:30 PM

CardFight: Vanguard Champions of the Asia Circuit Sneak Preview
COST: $20 USD | REG: 6 PM | START: 6:30 PM

Pokemon League Challenge (Aug. 30 – Avon, OH) [Season #1]

Pokemon Premier Challenge (Sep. 6 – Avon, OH) [Autumn]*

* This is the third time that I have pushed this event back. I am waiting for 2019 season sanctioning to open. The competitive Pokemon video game scene is much smaller than the trading card game, so its event options and window is also smaller.

– Anthony Haslage


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