Games – Ohio Newsletter: July 2018

Howdy all,

It looks like winter turned into summer here in Ohio. I am told that we had two weeks of spring, but I must have missed it. I have a few things going on in July…

GameStop Annual Pokemon TCG Tournament (Jul. 21 – Elyria, OH)
– GameStop is providing prizes for the top three overall players. Do not worry, if we have a lot of players, we will be holding the tournament at a nearby restaurant.
COST: FREE | REG: 12:30 PM | START: 1 PM

CardFight: Vanguard Shop Tournament (Jul. 24 – Avon, OH)
– Each paid participant will receive a special tournament pack.
COST: $5 USD | REG: 6 PM | START: 6:30 PM

Pokemon SM-Celestial Storm Pre-Release (Jul. 24 – Avon, OH)
– This is a great event to either start playing Pokemon or return to the game. Pokemon Professor Jimmy Gurney will be on hand to help you build your decks!
COST: $25 USD | REG: 6 PM | START: 6:30 PM

[2018] Pokemon Premier Challenge (Jul. 28 – Avon, OH) [Summer]*
– Back by popular demand, play UltraSun and UltraMoon competitively with others!

CardFight: Vanguard The Destructive Roar Sneak Preview (Jul. 31 – Avon, OH)
– This is a great event to either start playing CardFight: Vanguard or return to the game.
COST: $20 USD | REG: 6 PM | START: 6:30 PM

[2018] Pokemon League Challenge (Jul. 31 – Avon, OH) [Season #3]*
– The top player in each age division will win a booster pack.

* At the time of this post, the ability to sanction was unavailable due to point tallying for the Pokemon World Championships. We will attempt to sanction the events at a later date. If we can, they may award points for the next calendar season-year.

Just a reminder that I am at Level Two Games every Tuesday in July from 4 to 10 PM running CardFight: Vanguard, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh leagues starting at 6 PM. If we get enough players for any of the games, we can hold either free or $5 USD tournaments, assuming that no special events for that game are occurring at the same time. Starting in August, we will be expanding to Thursdays. As of this time, I am not quite sure what to do on Thursdays. If you have any ideas, please let me know via the contact form ( on Games – Ohio. Thanks.

One last thing, as of this month, Comics Are Go (Sheffield Village), Level Two Games (Avon) and Warhost Games (Avon Lake) are teaming up to cross-promote a game that each store only offers. Here is what they are cross-promoting beginning in July!

HeroClix: Saturdays @ 1 PM
Comics Are Go (5188 Detroit Road, Sheffield Village, OH 44035)

Pokemon: Tuesdays @ 6 PM
Level Two Games (37319 Detroit Road, Avon, OH 44011)

Dragon Ball Super: Saturdays @ 2 PM
Warhost Games (32848 Walker Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012)

– Anthony Haslage


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